• What not to do as we get back to school!

    Yes, what NOT to do.  We get so involved as parents in our to do lists that I thought it would be important to remind everyone that there are definitely things we want to AVOID!

    DON'T email your kids' teachers every day.  Now some kids have special needs and require a more consistent communication system, however, for the most part, we tend to inundate teachers with unnecessary notes.  Wait a few weeks and send an introductory email.  Just know when to tone it down.  You will not a timely response to too much communication and everyone will just end up getting frustrated.

    DON'T do their homework for them.  Give them a place to work and offer support when needed, but they have homework for a reason.  So they can practice.  You should especially NOT correct homework for them.  The teacher needs to see what your kid can do on their own, which they will never figure out if you are erasing everything!

    DON'T get them too involved in everything.  Kids are way over-scheduled these days and have no opportunity to practice the fine art of down time!

    DON'T over volunteer.  KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITS.  No rule says you have to organize a certain amount of fundraisers in your lifetime!

    STOP comparing yourself to other parents.  There is not a manual so don't worry about how the next guy is doing his or her job as a parent.  Be a good one for YOUR kid!