• Stop Yelling!

    or some reason we have come to equate discipline with harsh, loud responses to behavior.  Not the case.  Discipline is simply the system you create to relay expectations to your child.  You don't have to yell. In fact, you shouldn't yell, it doesn't work.

    Discipline works best when it is proactive.  Yelling is a reactive measure.  You will have a smoother home when you can make very clear expectations for behavior and have an incentive system in place for compliance.  Rewards, immediate, meaningful ones, work great when your kids do what they need to do.
    Don't sweat the small stuff.  Is the issue you are frustrated with in the moment going to impact your child in 10 years?  10 days? Even in 10 minutes?  If no, then let it go.  Give yourself a time out and take a big breath.  Most things are not worth yelling about.
    Take care of yourself!  Are you getting enough exercise, sleep? Are you eating well?  Not only does that model healthy living for your children but it tends to increase our patience for this tough job of parenting.  Make sure you are taking care of yourself and refueling!  Your nerves will thank you!
    Do you yell in other relationships?  If not, how do you handle frustration there?  Pretend your kid is your boss.  Do you yell at your boss??  Probably!