• Distracted Parents

    I have to admit that recently, my 12 year-old son asked me to put my phone away at the dinner table.  Ouch!

                But seriously, we have all seen the internet memes where teens walk around like zombies, staring into their phones, not looking or interacting with each other.  Smart phone technology is just the latest “distraction” for society, which started with the published book many, many years ago.  And teens and college students are not the only ones distracted. Us parents are too.  

                Yes, there is probably already tons of data out there to support that we are hugely distracted by the hand technology we have available to us.  One woman was quoted as admitting she easily loses track of where her children are on the playground.  

                OK?  Yes, I know, we have to be vigilant and safety is a priority.  But to be completely honest, I would rather have a sometimes distracted parent than one that hovers 247 and doesn’t let their kid fall in the dirt once in a while.  I think the bigger problem are the parents that never allow anything adverse to happen and jump in to solve every teeny problem that surfaces.

                Those are the kids that are growing up with few if any coping strategies, those that are entering the work force with a deep sence of entitlement and little regard for hard work and taking a few bumps.  Go ahead, lose track of them for a few minutes here and there.  You may be doing them a favor!